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The world's most exclusive travel- concierge service, available to just 1000 individuals around the globe. Private Concierge Club™ members are afforded dedicated access to their own travel planner, ticket agent and personal concierge.

Travel the world with us... A&B Private Client Services group is a global luxury travel-concierge concern. We offer on an exclusive membership basis tailored services to private individuals and corporate organizations all around the world.

No company offers a faster, simpler more personalized service – 24/7/365. And with their registered membership profile, each PCC client can thru text messaging make requests for cars, discount business class airfares, tickets, etc.

A Private Concierge Club™ membership ensures you’ll never waste a minute on a last minute business trip, an overdue weekend escape or impossible to get tickets. PCC provides you with dedicated, on-demand support for all your travel, dining & entertainment needs.

Private Travel & Concierge Services

For those discerning men and women for whom time is the most precious resource, a Private Concierge Club™ Membership is the answer to all their travel, dining and entertainment needs. Unique to the hospitality industry, Private Concierge Club™ affords each member the luxury and convenience of having you’re a dedivated travel /concierge support staff. Imagine having 24/7 access to concierge, dining and travel services...on- demand …be 1 of only 1000 clients worldwide.

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Private Concierge Club™

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